What is the World Wide Web?

The world wide web (WWW) is the graphical lane of the Internet. The world wide web offers text, graphics, sound, and video all in one place on the Internet. It is called the world wide web because its many sites are linked together like a web! The world wide web is made up of hypertext sites.  These hypertext sites allow the user to jump from one site to another by clicking on "Hyperlinks." These sites are written in a program language call Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Because Web pages conveniently organize information and make it instantly retrievable, the web is immensely popular, embodying- in the opinion of many- the ideal model of the public networking.

Can you help me define some of the terms associated with the internet?

Two or more computer networks connected by a common communication protocol.

Domain: Official name of a computer, or service, on the Internet.

Hypertext: A method of organizing information retrieval that brings together related material.

Hypertext Markup Language(HTML): Language used to create hypertext links in the world wide web documents; a necessity for any document onthe web.

Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP): The connection protocol and its software for the world wide web.

Links: A connection made in hypertext between documents.

Universal Resource Locator(URL): The recognized scheme for naming a resource site on the Internet, originally developed for the world wide web.(Example: http://www.sibl.com).

What does the .com in sibl.com mean?

= educational institutions
mil = military sites
gov = nonmilitary government sites
com = commercial network providers
net = special network services
org = nonprofit and other organizations


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