SIBL is a small business and is designed to help small businesses' grow and succeed on the Internet. Our prices match the needs of small businesses. Our professional staff will confer with you to insure that you and your company's needs are met. Communication between SIBL and its clients is essential to a successful relationship. SIBL's services are summarized below.

Free Consultation:
All clients are entitled to a free consultation. The free consultation includes a visit from one of our professional staff members who will sit down with you at a location chosen by you at a time that is good for you. At the consultation we will discuss the design of the site, what we can expect from the site, the cost of the site, and we will show you what your competition is doing on the Internet. At the end of the consultation you will have a complete package laid out, which will include all costs.

Website Hosting:
Once your site is created, you will need a place to put it on (or host it). SIBL can provide the space for your website at a reasonable rate. There are two ways SIBL can host your site:
1. Your own domain (
2. Part of SIBL's domain  (

Website Design:
SIBL will design a custom made website that is suited to your needs. Our professional staff will take your ideas and make them a reality on the web. SIBL can digitize your logo or design one for you. If you have pictures that you want to use they will be put into the website as well. SIBL strives to create the most visual captivating websites while at the same time maintain a easy user interface and fast loading time.

Web Applications:
SIBL can help you create your web application that can take your website into the future. Building a web application will allow you to do many things including change content, maintain mailing lists and perform online transactions.

Directory Listing:
After your site is created, we will submit it to 100 of the top search engines and directories. A website is only good if your clients knows that exists. Just like a telephone number, unless your in the Yellow pages, no one will call you.

Online Marketing/Web Advertising:
SIBL is a marketing company and one of our main goals is to market your company on the Internet. This is done through several methods. One of the most effective methods is Web Advertising. SIBL will research the internet for websites that your target market will most likely visit. Then we will communicate with the company and attempt to post a banner ad on their webpage that will be a link to your site. This is by far the most effective method of obtaining traffic to your site. SIBL also does mass emailings. A complete marketing strategy will be established in your free consultation.

Online Database Development:
One strength of the internet is its ability to create dynamic webpages. Dynamic webpages are webpages that are created on the fly. For example, when you do a search on a search engine (Yahoo!, Infoseek, etc.) the results are dynamically converted into a webpage. This is accomplished by incorporating a database into a webpage. SIBL creates dynamic webpages from your own database

Online Commerce/E-Commerce:
SIBL can make your website a virtual store. If you want to sell your product or services and make transactions over the internet, SIBL have a solution for you. SIBL can design and implement a fully functional online storefront capable of taking online credit card and/or Cybercash orders .


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